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Lizard Tattoos

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Lizard Tattoos and Why People Want Them

You might be surprised to know that of all animals, lizards are one of the most sought-after designs in the tattoo world. Furthermore, there’s roughly just the same amount of men and women who are clamoring for this kind of tattoo. This is because lizard tattoos are believed to have hidden meanings. And profound individuals tend to get fascinated by them.

The lizard symbol as far as tattoos are concerned may vary one from culture to another. But more than that, lizards are considered as pre-historic reptiles. They used to be high and mighty like their very close and undoubtedly ferocious relatives, the dinosaurs. So for those who can’t print dinosaurs in their body, lizard tattoos will prove to be sufficient.

Lizards are also closely related to Celtic and Polynesian Art. A travel back to history will show you how these two tribes fought so hard for their properties and territories. It is not surprising then, how men can get creative and put lizard tattoos in certain parts of their bodies, sometimes even integrating it with other designs and elements. These men simply wanted to be one with the brave warriors of history, if only in spirit.

There are a lot of classes and types of lizards known to man. But of all the things in the list, the geckos and the chameleons are two of the most popular tattoo choices. Geckos can actually mean two things – bad luck and fear. So those who are wearing this type of a lizard tattoo has this message to put across – “Fear me or have bad luck.”

As for the chameleon wearers, the effect is not just the same. The men and women who tend to wear the chameleon tattoo are mostly fascinated by the somehow magical way that these lizards can blend with their environment. They can hide from it all but still they remain colorful, beautiful, and very unique in many ways.

Lizard Tattoos
Lizard Tattoos

Lizard Tattoos

Lizard Tattoos

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