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Hibiscus Tattoos

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Be a Beauty in Hibiscus Tattoos
Tattooing an art and where can one find a glorious expression of art than the usual beauties in the garden of lovely flowers. Since the ancient time flowers have been associated with so many signs and meanings. There are flowers in wedding, funerals and coming out parties. In many countries flowers are used as symbols of their national identity. Furthermore flowers had long been symbol of spring as it signifies a new entry of life in plants, of triumph of life over death. Youthful ladies wearing garland of flowers dancing hula or swaying to the beat of drums is a sight to behold. Moreover it is symbol for delectableness as fruits are mostly from flowers.

But the most important thing one can associate with flower is the enhanced feminism. Ladies are sexy and lovely to look at when flowers are pinned to their hair. They are sort of goddesses that descend the earth in all their glory and beauty. It is no wonder that many women are opting for flower tattoo to assert their femininity. Flowers are symbols of life, it is but fitting to celebrate womanhood with flowers. Thus in opting for tattoo art most women settle on hibiscus design. Hibiscuses are deemed delicate flowers because they easily wilt. However this delicateness is sheltered by big petals so intricate and colorful one cannot help admiring its elegant tips.

In Hawaii where they are abundant it is used as the national emblem. As Hawaiians are known for relax and fun loving nature so are the hibiscus. Thus many vacationing tourists in Hawaii would be seen in various designs of hibiscus tattoo. These flowers are alluring and sexy whether placed on foot, shoulder blades, calf or stomach. During summertime you can’t help taking a second look at girls with hibiscus tattoos. Their sexiness more pronounced in the colors of their hibiscus art. According to tattoo artists hibiscus colors have meanings. Purple means royalty and white means enlightenment. For some this art tattoo is but just a representation of their individuality and their appreciation for Mother Nature. Some are simply proud to assert their heritage through the flower hibiscus design. This is popular among girls with Hawaiian heritage.

Also the impact it creates on onlookers is certainly enough to convince ladies to opt for this type of tattoo design. Their sophisticated petals, sepals and dainty stamens are but symbols of how a woman feels. They have so much to give in life and love and yet so delicate. As butterflies are drawn towards big and highly structured hibiscus so are men drawn to women with big and trusting hearts. In addition to the striking flower, women asked artists to include some drawings to accentuate the beauty of the hibiscus. Among the popular add on designs are dragonflies, fairies, rainbow and birds. It really looks beautiful on the body .Girls with hibiscus tattoos are like canvas of beautiful paintings. It is however advised to seek professional artists who can do justice to the eye catching beauty of hibiscus.

Hibiscus Tattoo Picture
Hibiscus Tattoos

Hibiscus Tattoos

Hibiscus Tattoos

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