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Gargoyle Tattoos

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Figurines carved stone grotesque with a water fairy parties intended path when building roof falling rain. French and Latin Gargoyles, Both meaning “throat” or “apple” monster building dates back to the ancient Greeks. They became more popular during the interim (around 1200s) and were used all over Europe, Egypt and Greece to divert the water. The legend tells of a lonely man who saved a town by being called so at the time – Gargoyle. Creature that has always been the main fear of the residents and since the first time he was caught and sentenced to death in front of me all this creature became a symbol of protection and fears.

At the beginning of the 19th century, these monsters were widely used as decoration on buildings and churches in the city, with emphasis on the protection icon. These monsters, carved, shaped and placed on important buildings as a symbol of protection. Myths of gargouille say that numbers of these monsters can stand guard and ward off unwanted spirits – and so they should be scary. According to the myth, they come to life only at night, some have wings and the power of flight, they are back in place as the sun rises.

What do gargoyles look like?

Monster is similar architectural stone carving or a human being, some considered mythological creatures. These large carvings usually placed near the roofs of buildings so that they can see from a distance and protect the structure. Usually they were ugly, deformed and scary enough to threaten. Most of them today are facing forward, his mouth open and placed in a wave corner of the building. The wings were symbolic of the ability to fly and this would mean that because Gargoyle … You cannot hide

In the past, people were tattooing themselves to the tattoo Gargoyles as a sign of protection, they believed that with a tattoo that they will be safe from anything. Over time, people began to fall in love with these creatures and began to undermine these paintings only their beauty.

Today there are large communities among youth. Gargoyles Tattoos have shelter, creating art, there are constantly new Gargoyles, users base course, but make additions, colors, different distortions and create art paintings of Gargoyles.

Gargoyles are more familiar with the Gothic religion a faith marked by defense Gargoyle is stronger and more reliable.

Gargoyle tattoos have become more and more popular among tattoo artists. Tattoos Artists need to use complex shading techniques to give the tattoo look like stone. Among youth today tend to undermine Gargoyle by modern conception of the subject today, an imaginary elf-figure or a daemon of course, there are exceptions

Today you can see these tattoos covering the whole body! More the larger is more beautiful! There are still people that tattoo their Gargoyles on their bodies to show that they are protected, others present themselves as protectors themselves and so on…

By the way, these paintings / arts are always interesting and myth remains a mystery.

Gargoyle Tattoos
Gargoyle Tattoos

Gargoyle Tattoos

Gargoyle Tattoo Picture

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