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Fairy Tattoos

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Fairy Tattoos: Wishing on a Being

When you were young, fairies seemed real. But as you grow up, you believe in them less and less. Peter Pan is not going to like that. In his world, a fairy dies every time a child stops believing that they’re real. So go ahead and help Tinkerbell. All you need is a nice fairy tattoo drawn on your body to show Neverland that you still believe.

Fairy Tattoos
Fairy Tattoos

Fairy Tattoos

Fairy Tattoos

Fairies are mythical creatures – and very beautiful ones at that. They are all dainty and cute, which makes them the perfect tattoo for women. Not that men can’t use them at all. Remember that there are dark, evil, and sensual fairies as well. Surely, a lot of men would prefer those kind of tattoos decorating their bodies.

Fairy tattoos are usually shown as tiny ladies with wings. They are very sexy girls too, which is one reason why many women like them. A lot of its wearers think of themselves as fairies in their own right; or at least that’s what they wanted to be.

What’s so nice about fairy tattoos is the fact that the design can be anything. Because it looks a lot like a lady, you can practically pick any picture – yours if you want – to be the fairy in the tattoo. Just add a pair of wings to it and you’ll all set. You just made yourself a unique tattoo that looks a lot like you.

These tattoos can go so small they’re perfect on the ankles. But they can also go so big that the entire back is covered. You may just draw one fairy for your tattoo, or a whole bunch of them flying around like butterflies. It’s up to you what design you like and what elements you’ll add to it. The ideal places for fairy tattoos are the arms, back, shoulder, torso, and legs. Decorate yourself with pretty fairies. And you’ll definitely feel the same.

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