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Butterfly Tattoos

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Women are mostly the ones who would wear a beautiful butterfly tattoo on their bodies. These delicate, colorful tattoos are a great complement to their equally soft nature. Butterflies are very peaceful insects. In the same way, looking at one puts a person at peace.Butterfly Tattoos
Butterfly Tattoos

Butterfly Tattoos

Butterfly Tattoos

Butterfly Tattoos

Butterfly tattoos can be drawn on any part of the body. Drawing one on your back is recommended if you want three or more of them shown flying across. The shoulders and the legs will also fit one to two butterflies. You can also opt for a very small one to go on your finger, which you can wear like a ring.

The more realistic the butterfly tattoos, the more enchanting they are going to be. Sometimes, these tattoos are combined with flowers, trees, and similar elements. It’s really up to you what design you’ll pick and what artistic touches you’ll integrate into it.

Enjoy the freedom and the beauty of a butterfly in these tattoos. Add shadows and colors onto them to complete the effect. Butterflies are pretty as they are. But you can make them even prettier if you put them on the most ideal spot on your body.

And who said men can’t wear these tattoos? Those who want to bring out their feminine side are advised to look through their favorite artist’s collection of butterfly tattoos. Surely, there’ll be one in his collection that looks manly enough to add into your existing tattoo collection.

These tattoos are perfect for teenagers and young adults too. The allure of a butterfly can’t be denied. Whether it’s drawn by itself or along with other elements, it will come out in a way that can mesmerize you. So keep that butterfly tattoo that you have forever. That way, you’re taking with you a beauty that’s forever yours to keep.


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