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Yin Yang Tattoo Designs

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Tattoos are nothing but symbols by which we humans try to implement the various philosophies that have been followed for centuries. May it be the Japanese koi fish tattoo or a Celtic tattoo, each of these tattoos belong to some culture or tribe and has typical philosophical meaning associated with it. Tattooing is a beautiful body art wherein these philosophical symbols are incorporated on human body in artistic manner. Yin yang symbol also called as Taijitu is a Taoist symbol and belongs to Chinese culture. When the trend of tattooing was growing these symbols became very popular among the tattoo lovers. Before moving on to know about the yin yang tattoo designs, let us take a look at the meaning of these yin yang tattoos.


Yin Yang Tattoo Meaning

A basic yin yang symbol is circular in shape and is divided into two symmetrical parts that are black and white in color. Each of these parts contains a small circular drop of opposite color. Both these symmetrical parts fit into each other like pieces of puzzle and form the complete yin yang symbol. The black portion of this symbol is called yin, while the white part is called yang. According to the Chinese culture, the yin part is considered to possess characteristics of a female and is destructive in nature, while the yang part bears male features and is very creative. Thus the Chinese philosophy states that though these parts are opposite in nature, they attract each other and form the basic five elements that create the Universe. These elements include, Earth, water, fire, metal and wood.

Basically the yin yang symbol promotes the union of two contrasting elements and symbolizes unity and harmony. There are seven laws of yin yang symbol and some of them are as follows. Everything in this Universe is not permanent, everything must come to end one day, there are always two perspectives to a thing, no two things in this Universe are similar and opposites always attract. The yin part of the symbol can represent female, darkness, passive, night, water and Earth, while the yang can represent male, active, day, fire and air. Now, let us take a look at some yin yang tattoo designs and their placement options. Read more on Chinese tattoos and their meanings.

Yin Yang Tattoo Designs and Placements

If you want to keep the yin yang tattoo very simple, you can always have the traditional yin yang tattoo design. A serpent or a dragon, encircling the yin yang symbol makes a simple yet elegant tattoo. One can even have fire flashes or water waves that surround the yin yang symbol. Yin yang tattoos are very versatile and because of their interesting meanings, these tattoos can be easily customized. The combination of dragon and phoenix, facing each other in a circular manner, has always been a popular yin yang tattoo design. Since there are so many opposite elements like water and fire, love and hatred, etc. any of these things can be easily incorporated into a yin yang tattoo.

It is not always necessary to have two opposite elements in a yin yang tattoo. One can also have same object carved in two different colors. Two koi fishes carved in circular manner with their mouths facing each other’s tail is one of the most popular yin yang tattoo designs. Other animals that can be sculpted in such manner include, lizards, tigers, dolphins, etc. A yin yang tattoo can also be carved with a Celtic knot or a nautical star in the middle. Though the traditional colors used for yin yang tattoos are black and white, they can be carved with many other vibrant colors according to the design. Read more on black and white tattoos.

There are no rules to place the yin yang tattoo and you can place it anywhere on your body. These tattoos are usually small in size and hence look great on any body part. If the yin yang tattoo is large in size, upper back and upper arm make good placement options. While small yin yang tattoos can be placed on wrist, lower back and ankles.

Yin yang tattoo designs are very flexible and versatile in nature and hence you can get a design that has appealed you the most. Make sure you have made good search of all the possible design options and then get the tattoo on your favorite body part. Happy Tattooing!

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Virgo Tattoos

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Virgo tattoos are artworks specific to those people born under zodiac sign Virgo. You may wonder what tattoo designs are available for Virgo to select. This article is full of great idea and provides you some suggestion for women and men about Virgo tattoos. Any person born in between 23 August and 23 September is grouped into the sixth zodiac sign Virgo and dominated by the planet mercury. The Virgos are eminent for their wisdom, diligent but criticizable. They are loyal and faithful to their partner, friends or business associates so they are trustworthy. Virgos has a bent for any art forms. Nowadays, tattooing has become one of the most popular art forms and is deeply adored by youngsters.


Among the large and varied tattoo designs, the zodiac tattoos are attaining huge popularity at present. Here we will introduce several cool Virgo tattoos designs.

Virgo Tattoos
We have already said that Virgo tattoo is designed for those people born under this zodiac sign. One of the merits of picking a zodiac tattoo is that it never be out-of-date. They are still in favor as time pass on and even if current trend change. Secondly, tattoo design often reflects the thoughts passing through their mind and their deeply held convictions. A zodiac sign or the zodiac symbol provides hints to realize specific person’s personality, conspicuous trait; characteristic therefore it becomes hottest tattoo design. Thirdly, a person’s preference, likes, options may alter and subsequently he / she doesn’t adore his/ her tattoo any more. This seldom occurs to the zodiac tattoo because zodiac sign of the person never change. Therefore, it is not necessary to worry that you will feel regret for having Virgo tattoo designs.

Virgo Tattoo Designs
While you are conceiving the idea of drafting out a Virgo tattoo design, you can try to combine several different Virgo symbols to construct your tattoo design. It is quite easy, simple and very pretty. Astrologists use the picture of virginal maiden to represent Virgo all the while. So, virgin maiden is often become one of elements of Virgo tattoo design. One of the merits of using virginal maiden as a tattoo design is that can be made as graceful and charming as possible by harnessing your creativity and for this reason, many famous tattoo artists like to tattoo virginal maiden. Virginal maiden is always beautiful and elegantly yet bashfully sit or stand. If you prefer to have a simple and smaller Virgo tattoo, you can only tattoo the face of maiden and inscribe “VIRGO” in elegant script alongside the face of maiden. Your Virgo tattoos can also be personalized by engraving your name, initials or phrase beside the picture of maiden. Due to its large size, maiden tattoo is usually put on the back, abdomen, upper arms, thighs and so on.

If you dislike maiden design, you can consider using glyph of Virgo to create personalized and cool Virgo tattoos. The glyph of Virgo seems to be English alphabet letter “M” and “P” in big character joined together. Most of men do not choose tattooing maiden design on their body. They would rather engrave glyph and add some text beside it. The text can be Japanese, Arabic, Kanji, Devanagari. Due to its small size, it is easy to hide it and glyph can be put on any part of the body such as wrist, back of the neck, arms, etc. The design of glyph is simple yet pretty. Moreover, you can tattoo glyph and text in any color, size and style according to your preference. If you are seeking for tribal Virgo Tattoo designs, glyph is definitely a good choice.

This article brings up some Virgo tattoo designs and ideas. Excluding these, you can conceive new idea to enrich Virgo tattoo designs by using your creativity and innovative. You can incorporate the above-mentioned ideas in your own design to create a unique Virgo tattoo. Keep in mind that tattooing is an excellent artwork and is of boundless extent.

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Temporary Tattoos Application and Removal Guide

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The main reason that people like temporary tattoo is easier, faster removal and wear than real tattoos. However, a lot of people find that some skill is needed to apply and get rid of these. If you intend to wear temporary tattoo, you don’t want that only partial design is adhered to your body or a tattoo smashes into pieces when you pull away the backing. Peruse below instructions and learn how to properly apply and erase temporary tattoo without any flaw.


The location of temporary tattoo
If you want to affix the temporary tattoo to your kid’s body, you may think which part of body is the best area to put on. I will recommend you to put temporary tattoo on below position according to their size and shape:

The back of your neck


Along the length of shoulder blade


Lower back

Top of Foot

You need to use soap and clean water to scrub the area where, the temporary tattoo design will be imprinted on, oils, creams and lotions may influence how long the tattoo design will last and the length of time before it begins to smash up. Ensure your skin is not wet before affix the temporary tattoo to you. If thick or wiry hair grows in the area where you intend to imprint your temporary tattoo, you have to shave off all the hair for good effects.

Ask your friend to accompany you
When you intend to imprint temporary tattoo on uneven surface and joint such as shoulder – blade or neck, ask your friend to ensure that you sit up straight and look straight ahead. If your sitting posture is incorrect, the tattoo design may lose original shape. Ensure you can keep your upright posture for at least 45 seconds if no one helps you.

Affix the temporary tattoo
When you cut the temporary tattoo design out of a combo sheet, remember to leave about 4 mm margin for easy peeling after it has dried.

Take off the plastic backing and place temporary tattoo on your desired area, with the pattern facing downwards. Press against back of tattoo paster with a wet towel for 30-40 seconds. Ensure the paper soak in enough water. Some temporary tattoo paster is rather thick. Thus, they need to soak in more water so as to shift the design onto your skin.

Taking the backing off slowly and carefully
When you find any areas where partial design split open and still adhere to the paper, stop peeling and press it down at once and apply the wet towel to tattoo paster again. Press the towel for a little water which drops on the back of tattoo paster. Presses down, hold for at least thirty seconds and then peel the tattoo paster off.

Let it dry up in air
Don’t use blotting paper sucking up ink or wipe the blots with dry cloth immediately – it is highly brittle and the design may be smeared.

Taking off your temporary tattoo
It is very simple job. You can use baby oil, cooking oil to dissolve the temporary tattoo according to the type of used ink and then be wiped off with cotton ball easily. The other way is to put sticky take over the top of the temporary tattoo and pull away to erase the tattoo.

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Angel, Heart, Star and Zodiac Sign Tattoos – What Do They Represent?

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Tattoos are ubiquitous in our present society and considered as art. It is a form of self-expression, a reflection of one’s personality or a representation of one’s beliefs or ideals. Angel, zodiac sign, heart and star tattoos are some of the most popular designs. Their meaning varies depending on how they are inked into the body.


Angel Tattoo

There are different types such as guardian angels, archangels, cherubs, fallen angels and the very well-loved angel wings done on the back in full design. These are in different sizes and look like the person has wings growing from their back. Generally, this design represents one’s devotion and spiritual faith to God.

Zodiac Sign Tattoo

Zodiac sign tattoos are very popular and Zodiac tribal or Zodiac Celtic are some of the variations. They can be combined with other designs such as the flowers, hearts, skulls, crosses, fairies, suns, moons and stars and can really look striking. They are popular because they relate to one’s birthday or astrological signs.

Heart Tattoo

They generally symbolize love, devotion and betrayal or sacrifice. They are simple and symmetrical in shape and can be combined with cupid, lovebirds and beautiful flowers. There are thousands to choose from. They can be tattooed with different colors such as red, purple, rainbow and black.

Star Tattoo

Star images can either be in the form of shooting stars, nautical stars, 5 pointed stars, stars of David, etc. They are designs that are adaptable and flexible. There are various reasons for getting it done as some people do it to show the achievement or success in life, some for religious implication, to symbolize the passing of a beloved one and others to show the arrival of a new child.

For more tattoo designs, tips and ideas, take a look tattoo articles.

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Strawberry Tattoos

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People have different purpose of wearing tattoo. Some people tattoo some designs on them in cause of beauty. Some people do that in order to express their strong attachment for their lover or commemorate their essential day. Online tattoo designs available include mythical fairies, hearts, cupids, maidens and strawberry to name but a few. You may feel queer to use image of strawberry as tattoo design. Let’s explain to you why strawberry tattoos have become popular. It is because people always associate strawberry with sexiness and sensuality. The image of strawberry signifies someone’s carnal desire, which expresses their desire for physical and emotional pleasures and feelings of love. Most of the people do not only engrave strawberry on their body. They would also like to insert other varied different kinds of patterns to enrich the tattoo designs.

Same as other tattoo pattern, strawberry tattoos take on a new and fresh look provided that you give the rein to your imagination. We list some ideas of strawberry tattoos for your reference.

1. Some people prefer realistic appearing tattoo design. These strawberry tattoos designs are extremely lifelike and exquisite. Tattooist paints all the features of strawberry, including scarlet red color skin, verdant leaf, dark brown stem and even tiny brown seeds.

2. Some people prefer cartoonish tattoo design. They adopt comical, relaxed and pleasant interpretation of the strawberry tattoos. They may engrave facial expression on strawberry or farcically and exaggeratedly alter its shapes and sizes.

3. Some people like traditional style design. Its characteristic of traditional style strawberry tattoo is to have little color or even no color. They are drawn in old fashion style so that it can make people to recollect the good old days.

4. Modern strawberry tattoo designs are evolved and developed from prime, traditional strawberry design element. Tattoo artist tends to use vivid color and audacious, noticeable appearance.

5. Tribal tattoo patterns, which are produced by integration of either old or neoteric design idea with tribal design element. Some people like to wrap up tribal design element in the strawberry or encircle the strawberry with various tribal tattoo patterns.

Strawberry tattoos are definitely appealing and remarkable tattoo choice for female. We only list some strawberry tattoos which goes down well with some female. Surfing the net will help you to construct more innovative designs by integration of diversified, different design elements. Whichever designs or patterns you pick up, you can rest assured that strawberry tattoos can boost your sexual appeal.

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Small Tattoos

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So you wish for obtaining a small Tattoo?


A good way to set out is to obtain Small Tattoos… Small tattoos can have significant meaning or no meaning at all. The reasons are numerous, but once a person has determined to get one, they are committed. Here are just some of the advantages of beginning with a small tattoo:

• If it is your first tattoo, assists you get used to the idea of obtaining one

• faster and less painful to obtain

• less expensive

• Easier to conceal

• Can be ideal for hiding a blemish or scar

• effortless to remove

One more major reason to think of is our society when it goes to tattoos. People would like to present themselves for self fulfillment, respect and so on. However, nowadays society, particularly in the work place, most of bosses not look down on their employees when they get tattoos in exposing places, such as above their neck line, face, hands, etc. obtaining smaller tattoos such as on the shoulders, chest, back, waste, and keeping them concealed when in these situations will not endanger you from advancement and other levels of success in your job. Even though I very dissent and think that we should be alive in a society of self expression, not everyone agree. It is unlucky and a fact of life. Provide a lot of idea to where you desire to get your small tattoos. You do not like to hazard your future possibilities.

When you are planning to have a small tattoo, you will need to put as much idea into its design as you would that of a big one. The first thing you should do is to have a ruler and really see the difference between a one inch, two inch, and three inch tattoo. While it might not seem very big, if you draw circles with those diameters, you’ll handily look how much bigger a three inch tattoo is than a one inch tattoo.

Selecting your tattoo designs can be one of the most essential decisions you can make. It’s essential to keep in mind that whatever tattoo design you pick up… you will get it for the reminder of your life.

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Sagittarius Tattoos

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Everyone has different particular preference for different kinds of tattoo designs. If you don’t have any idea about what kinds of tattoo design can exhibit your authentic personality and you are born between November 21 and December 20, you can consider of picking a zodiac tattoo designs -Tribal Sagittarius.


Many famous people belong to this sun sign such as Britney Spears, Brad Pitt, Jennifer Connelly, etc. It is believed that Sagittarians are genial, vivacious, generous and zealous. They live in concord with everyone and are lively creatures. They like make new friends. Sagittarians have great tolerance toward everyone and adore freedom, have a sanguine outlook on everything. They are straightforward and never speak in a roundabout way. If you want someone giving you point-blank opinion, Sagittarians is absolutely right person. Moreover, they are energetic and enthusiastic in work. They act first and fret about problems later. Therefore, they are known as the “rover” and “adventurer”. Typically, each zodiac sign have their own symbols to represent themselves. You can combine their unique symbols together in order to make your tattoo more especial and notable. Here are a few examples:

Horse Motif – Sagittarius is symbolized by a bow and an arrow griped by the centaur, fictitious characters appear on Roman mythology. Centaur has the head, arms, chest and trunk of man and the back, tail and four legs of horse. The human part of the centaur always looks upward, is spurred on by a strong sense of ambition and points his arrow at the sky. The horse part takes the human back to the animal world and shows his earthly desires. When you draft tattoo design, you can think of tattooing a horse on the center of tattoo design or make horse image become a part of tattoo design.

Glyph – Glyph for Sagittarius is uncomplicated, just an upward arrow with a horizontal line intersecting itself. It looks like that someone shoots the arrow from the bow. This symbol expresses their thirst for freedom, orientation and goal in life. Due to its uncomplex design, glyph can be designed discretionarily in any shape, size and form to complements the whole picture perfectly.

Fire – Sagittarius is a mutable fire sign and dominated by Jupiter. Sagittarian will raise the roof easily when Sagittarian is under the influence of someone agitation. Sagittarius is endowed with an inextinguishable passion for everything. If you are able to properly merge flames with the glyph or Centaurs image, impressive tattoo design can be created.

If you think that confine your tattoo design only to the Sagittarius glyph or symbol reduces your choice, you can combine arrow and bow with angel tattoo designs or other categories of tattoo design. For example, you are tattooed with an angel shooting an arrow with a bow. In the light of your fondness for tattoo designs, you can simply alter original tattoo sketch to create an extraordinary Sagittarius tattoos. Thus, Sagittarius Tattoo is full of artistic value. Many Sagittarians celebrities like to tattoo this pattern on their arm, wrist and other sites where they can flaunt their tattoo design in the faces of the public.

There are various ways to change tribal Sagittarius into a remarkable artwork. However, you must spend more time and mental power on searching for Sagittarius tattoos design. Remember that you would rather do more preparation than regret having tattoo design that is repugnant to you.

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Pictures of Religious Tattoos Hold Mixed Meanings

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Tattoos have close relationship with religion. Some people who would like to have a picture of religious tattoo on their bodies. Whatever the religion, the icons that people identify with, that religion has been very hot tattoo subjects. Some of the most favorable tattoo pictures are crosses and designs where crosses are used.


The cross as a sign of a religion is one of the mighty images in the world, widely accepted by the most of the world’s people as a religious sign, although those people are not belong to members of that religion. Many tattoo clients select the religious tattoo designs for a number of reasons. Some are fond of the memory of the design and how significant it is for them. It may get back fond memories of times when religion played a larger part in their life and they would like to go over some of that worship.

Other people have these tattoo designs on their body as a show of honor the religion, although it’s not their own religion. Certainly, as with any religious icons, some people have tattoo designs for all the improper reasons and sometimes the designs they select wouldn’t really exhibiting the proper esteem to these religious symbols. Youth gang members often have religious symbols tattooed marked on their bodies as an implications that they’re safeguarded by some great power, which is likely not true as they’re in radical gangs and all. This is a time when religious symbols aren’t the best option for tattoos in this circumstance with the gang members.

Some people prefer to have religious tattoos because of their belief and because they would like to glorify this faith in as many manner as they can. They can chat about it, or chant about it or have people who look at it for themselves by seeing the religious tattoos on their bodies. Many years ago tattoo shops got customers who walk in the shop and would like to have particular religious mark tattooed on their bodies.

The tattoo shop artists can make especial religious tattoos if the customer desire, with some religious elements mixes with other regular design elements to make a sole and individual statement about that customer’s religious faiths. Many years ago some customers went to tattoo shops and requested to have particular religious symbols and images tattooed on their bodies. The artists have been only too cheerful to oblige the customers and have designed many appealing religious designs for them. Customers sometimes seek online and look for many religious designs and images and take those designs to tattoo shop artists to look at what sole designs can be made from the search results. Some of the tattoo designs made are very bold and even breathe taking.

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Tattoo Pictures & Tattoo Designs for YOU!

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Anyone who is earnestly into tattoos will tell you how long it takes to select the proper one. After all they should persist a lifetime so are not something to be hurried. It can spend up to 20-30 hours to seek the good tattoo design. However, that is only the first step.


If you are thoughtful you would like to have something that is sole and not gotten from a book or imitated from a picture in a tattoo gallery. A tattoo should tell about who you are and not be torn off someone else. Many artists will rebuff to imitate the other artists work and it is quite right. You may commit copyright infringement for imitate the other person’s work in other mediums but the same behavior don’t seem to apply to tattoo art.


It is still a form of imitation to take the other persons artwork and remake it as your own. In any other form this would lead to legal action. So just because there is no precedent set for copyright infringement does not mean it is right to purport another tattooists work.

So how do you prepare original tattoo designs?

If you look like me you have searched for literally thousands of tattoo pictures and tattoo designs from diverse range of different tattooists from around the world. Or maybe you continue going to your local tattoo studio and have began getting dirty looks from the tattoo artist who suppose you are stalking him because you come there every weekend and still haven’t pick up a tattoo!

There are so many different types so you need to be surely clear about what you need before you obtain inked. It is a good to fantasize the kind of tattoo you need before you even take it. You need to enable to look at yourself with a specific tattoo before you take it. If a tribal tattoo is on your arm, you conceive yourself walking down the street with the tattoo for all people to see.

Next read some examples of different types that you love. So if it is tribal tattoos source pictures of that specific tattoo style. If it is work from the other artist do not take it to your closest tattoo studio and request for it to be imitated onto you. Inform the tattoo artist that you love that specific style and request a tattoo designed for YOU. This is where the visualization exercise comes into play. Tattoo artists are very ocular people and are highly skillful at turning a inexplicit idea into a full on customized tattoo.

Consider the bigger tattoo picture. Don’t be lured to select some generic tattoo flash off the wall because you can’t set your mind on it. Don’t do something if you cannot afford to pay such price of tattooing you really desire for. Tattoos are organic and are always altering and growing with you. Keep away from bitter mistakes!

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